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The Orange County Register - September 29, 2002 By Steve Eddy

“Write this name down: Soraya Shaw.

“It’s not in common household use, but that could well change, and fast.”

“Shaw, of Los Alamitos, just released her first jazz CD, “Daydreams,” on the Alpha Lyrae Records label.  But jazz is just one part of Shaw’s ouevre.

She began piano lessons at age 4 under the tutelage of her composer grandmother.  Classical voice studies ensued at around 11, as did an interest in jazz (brother Alex is a horn man).

A graduate of St. Louis University, Shaw has performed Schubert, Brahms, Mozart and Bach.

So how do you do jazz when your voice has the power to fill an opera house?



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Long Beach Press Telegram - September 19, 2002 By Paul Andersen

Los Angeles has a long, rich and oftentimes heartbreaking history as a magnet for those seeking employment in the field of entertainment.  Millions come from miles around, following their dreams of stardom.  The odds of making it can be daunting.  And the hard work usually outweighs the payoffs.

But don t tell that to vocalist Soraya Shaw.  When she moved to Los Alamitos five years ago from her native St. Louis, she did so with the goal of finding stability in her music career.  Having graduated from St. Louis University, Shaw began working with the Muny, America’s oldest and largest outdoor musical theater company, based in St. Louis and also operating touring productions.

However, as a single divorced mother with two children to care for, she craved a more stable life.



Singer’s Smooth Jazz Sounds
Just Part Of Soundtrack To Beach Life
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Gazette Newspaper - October 2002 By Sandy Robins

SHORE SINGER.  Soraya Shaw has a smooth jazz style that is shown off on her new CD.

I am not sure what it is exactly that attracts people to live and work in a particular place.  But this area certainly has an interesting blend of creative people.

Taking center stage this week is singer Soraya Shaw, whose first CD, Daydreams, has just been released.

To mark the debut of this wonderful collection of smooth jazz music, she gave an informal recital at Borders on Bellflower last week.  Her voice, with its soft, velvety tones, is reminiscent of singer Astrid Gilberto who popularized the famous Brazil 66 sound.



Jazz singer from Los Alamitos releases
CD of standards
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Sun Newspaper April 17, 2003 By Brian Brannon

For Soraya Shaw, music is a family tradition.

The Los Alamitos resident recently released a CD of jazz standards called Daydreams on the Alpha Lyrae label.

I started piano lessons when I was 4, she said.  My grandmother taught all sorts of instruments.

Growing up on classical music, Shaw decided she wanted to learn opera in the fourth of fifth grade.

It made a really big impression on me, she said.

She began taking voice lessons as well as studying the flute.



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November 1, 2002 By Paul Andersen

Soraya Shaw
Borders Books, Glendale
Sunday, November 3, 2002

“Once in a while, you come across a singer whose voice manages to catch your ear and turn your head.  Such are the soprano tones that Soraya Shaw uses in her renditions of classic jazz songs.  Originally from St. Louis, Shaw grew up wanting to be an opera diva, studying under some of the best teachers around, and earning her degree in performance arts.  Then the musical theater began calling, and soon she was lighting up stages in regional theater throughout the Midwest, including the MUNY, the oldest municipal theater company in America, based in her hometown.  But she also had a brother who was a jazz trumpeter, and it rubbed off on her.  Now, having relocated to the South Bay area, she is pursuing a career as a jazz vocalist, and if her debut CD, Daydreams, is any indication, it was a good career move.

Unlike most classically trained singers, she doesn’t overpower you with the trills that she can do; rather, she has come up with an ethereal style that bristles with sensuality.  Ultimately candlelit and romantic, it is definitely music to put you in the mood for more amorous pursuits.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.- Paul Andersen"

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Pasadena Weekly Oct. 31, 2002 By Paul Andersen

Steady as a rock
Jazz vocalist Soraya Shaw sings a song of stability

“With its plethora of record labels, recording studios and interfacings with ancillary media, Southern California can be a Mecca to those wishing to pursue a career in popular music.  The odds can be daunting, but with a bit of perseverance and luck to go along with talent, it can be done.  Just don’t expect stability to be one of the side benefits.

But please, don’t tell that to vocalist Soraya Shaw.  When she moved to Los Alamitos five years ago from her native St. Louis, Missouri, she did so with the goal of finding stability.  Having graduated magna cum laude with a B.A.  in Fine and Performing Arts from St. Louis University, she had begun etching out steady work in her hometown with the Muny, America’s oldest and largest outdoor musical theatre company.  In addition, she was often on the road with various touring stage productions.



Singer Soraya Shaw performing jazz at
Florence Italian Cuisine
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Irvine World News July 17, 2003  By Peggy Blizzard

“Soraya Shaw grew up in a musical family in her native St. Louis.

Piano lessons began at the age of 4 under the guidance of her grandmother, Hester French, who also was a composer.

“She was a very strong influence on my family,” said Shaw.  “She lived with us.  She had eight children of her own.  Every one played a musical instrument.  She taught them all.  She ended up doing the same thing with my siblings and me.”

At the age of 11, Shaw started playing flute and studying classical voice.  She went on to study at Saint Louis University, graduating magna cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in fine and performing arts.



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Long Beach Press Telegram - September 13, 2003 By Luanne J. Hunt

THE PROSPECT OF signing a major recording contract is of no interest to jazz vocalist Soraya Shaw.  Although Shaw hopes for commercial success, the Los Alamitos resident is unwilling to turn the management of her career over to music industry executives.

She relishes her independence and believes that the freedom to create her own kind of music far outweighs the perks of fame and fortune.

“I’m actually too independent to sign with a major label, said Shaw, who performs Wednesday at Kikuya in Huntington Beach.  “It would sort of be like being in a corporation and I really need to be my own boss.”

Shaw began taking charge of her future in show business at the age of 4 when she took piano lessons from her grandmother.  At age 11, she began studying the flute and classical voice.



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